Our Government has a decision to make that could increase your internet and cell phone bill

Canada needs more choice in mobile and internet service providers, not less. Tell your Member of Parliament to stop the Rogers-Shaw merger.

Send a message to your Member of Parliament saying you want more choice and lower prices in wireless and home internet services

Dear MP,

I am writing to you as my Member of Parliament to ask you to stop the Rogers-Shaw merger.

With inflation on the rise, everything is more expensive. Canadians already pay some of the highest prices in the world for their cell phones. The Rogers-Shaw merger will only reduce competition and increase prices. 

Minister Champagne has the final say on whether this merger should be approved. Tell him to follow the advice of the Competition Commissioner and the Standing Committee on Industry and Technology and reject this merger. 

You have a rare opportunity to act now and help bring real competition to a sector that desperately needs it at a time when Canadians can’t afford less of it.  Sincerely, [your name]


In March 2022, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry and Technology, with representatives from the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois recommended against allowing the merger to proceed after an extended study.

Canada’s Competition Bureau has stated that “the competition between Rogers and Shaw has already declined” and that “allowing the merger to proceed would mean real risk to customers.”

Last year’s Rogers’ blackout caused significant public safety risks and a full day of productivity loss for some 12 million Canadians ($2 billion in GDP loss) while also causing massive disruption to Canadians' lives. Further consolidation of Canada’s telecom companies means we are more vulnerable to see that again.

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Did you know...

On March 15, 2021, Rogers Communications announced its intention to buy Shaw Communications for $26 billion. Almost 90% of the telecom market was already centralized in Bell, Telus, and Rogers. This acquisition would remove the largest remaining competitor to those three companies.

On March 29, 2022, a multi-partisan committee with members from the Conservatives, Liberals, New Democrat and Bloc Quebecois submitted a report to the Minister stating that the merger should not proceed.

Canadian’s Competition Commissioner opposes the merger saying that it will reduce competition and choice, and increase prices. The Public Interest Advocacy Centre also opposes the merger. Recent Angus Reid polling shows that 8/10 Canadians and 9/10 existing Rogers and Shaw customers oppose the merger. Make your voice heard.

This is not a partisan political issue.

Contact your MP and ask them to demand Minister Champagne reject this merger.

“The deal will result in higher prices and less competition in the Canadian wireless market. The simple reality is that Canadians already pay some of the highest prices for wireless services in the world. If this merger is approved, the situation is likely to get worse,”